For effective work of any company It’s necessary to quality organize its IT infrastructure. This includes the network architecture and all equipment (server, monitoring systems, workstations, peripheral equipment, power consumption and energy saving systems, etc.), as well as automation, storage, accounting and analysis of all business processes of the enterprise. Our development team is responsible for this part, which will analyze the work of your enterprise, make the specification for the development of a consolidated workflow system, which is a computer model of its activity or some part of it. In case of your consent, our company will develop this system and, according to your wish, will take it for support.

What is such a system?

As a rule, this is a collection of journals of documents representing a unit of some service (or other activity) that have some details (document number, date of creation, type of service, quantitative characteristics, etc.).  These documents after their entry are stored in the database (which regularly backs up to avoid loss of information), based on all this data various reports, forecasts, statistics, graphs, forms for printing, sending any information by e-mail, organization of meetings , etc. . depending on the processes of your particular organization.

Development of console app (usually it is a specific action is performed at a certain time according to a schedule), window applications in C # (a full-fledged interface for working in the user’s system), macros on VBA (if used to work in Excel, Access ..), SQL scripts (application interaction with the database).

And also: Website development, web applications (java-script, php, ASP.NET C #).